Mood & Mindset as a key to change

When does a change project run well? Change projects are successful if new patterns of thinking and behaving become perceptible in the company‘s everyday work-life. In other words: if new strategies, structures or processes are „anchored“ in the mindset of the employees and the organization as a community.

To change strategies, structures and processes is comparatively easy. They can be objectified and are evident. Whereas patterns of thinking and behavior on an individual and collective level are mostly unconscious and depend partly on subjective or even situative perception. It is difficult to shape them consciously.

Therefore it is essential to focus on people-related aspects in change projects:

  • What do employees know about the
    goals of the change process?
  • How transparent & open is communication
    about change?
  • Which possibilities exist to participate and to give feedback?
  • How is change accepted and supported internally?
  • What is the project status from the stakeholders' point of view?

A sustainably successful change project is not only well-implemented regarding content, but also considers – during all stages – the development of the mood and mindset and influences it specifically.

CO/MM/A approach

Our Corporate Mood & Mind Approach CO/MM/A starts right here and enables our customers to make the organization‘s mood & mindset transparent and to identify predominant patterns of thinking and behaving. We review these against the background of strategic & organizational as well as process-related & technological goals.

From the insights we gain, we draw the right conclusions together with our customers for the further creation of the process.

Our Corporate Mood & Mind Approach combines two elements: our extensive consulting epertise for human-related change supplemented by innovative feedback apps. Short online pulses enable us to monitor the development critical issues for success, to identify trends and differences and to derive specific measures. Thereby, we are able to initiate change impulses proactively and much more target-oriented – with the experience of 40 years of change consulting.

Also consider the human-related aspects in change processes - necessary condition especially in the context of the digital transformation!

How it works

01 Collect
  • Receive regular feedback from different stakeholders on the status of the transformation process
  • Direct feedback regarding specific questions – max. 8-10 questions and 2 minutes per pulse
02 Analyze results,
derive change impulses
  • Review feedback and progress continously with managers and project leaders
  • Identify fields of action & derive specific change measures
03 Communication and
  • Communicate results and measures to the different target groups and ensure implementation.
03 Communication and
  • Communication of results and measures to the different target groups and ensure implementation.

Case studies

Examples for our CO/MM/A approach are numerous – from supporting IT transformations, the establishment of a new mindset to the design and implementation of new organizational structures. Learn more about these topics in our case studies.

Establishing a New Work Culture at a Financial Service Provider

In the course of a cultural transformation at a large financial service provider the development of a common understanding of leadership was focal. In particular, this project was about making the challenges clear which leaders face because of the growing changes in the world ...


Real-time Monitoring of a Cultural Change Program

How does the current mood of certain stakeholder groups affect the successful growth of a new to-be culture? Do specific leadership development programs, that have recently been set up, have the aspired impact on this evolution? How can we establish a fresh and direct way to g...


People change in IT transformations

What do digitization projects of a global technology group have to do with organizational development? Many companies have already made their experiences with major IT transformations. Whether it is a question of merging systems, introducing a new ERP system or updating to a n...


Added values by CO/MM/A

The consequent interlinking of content-related and human-related transformation via our CO/MM/A approach has clear advantages:

Force an open dialog with the team and establish a positive spirit for change

With CO/MM/A we involve people in the change and let them actively shape and experience the transformation.

Initiate goal-oriented change impulses instead of ‚using the watering can'

By collecting and analyzing target group-related feedback, it is possible to initiate tailor-made change measures.

Finalize transformations within time and budget frame

By early and broad involvement of the employees we minimize resistance and create the foundation for a change project "in time & in budget"

What about the costs?

Our customers use the CO/MM/A approach and the app within the framework of our consulting projects without any additional costs. Thereby, our customers profit from increased transparency about the effectiveness of their transformation and make the success of the initiated measures quantifiable.